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Indian Academy Of Pediatrics

Indian Acadeny of Pediatrics Joins as the 41st Constiuent Association of ICHA.

Patient Safety Workshop

Patient safety has become a critical issue globally due to the recognition of high incidence of "errors in healthcare". The greatest challenge is to bridge the gap between what we know and what is actually done. Further, complications are also due to the prevailing myths and perceptions about healthcare. While most of these errors are unintentional the response leaves much to be desired.

National ICHA Consituent

IMA Hospital Board of India,becomes the 40th constituent of ICHA and plans to roll out Patient Safety implementation nationally


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Patient Safety Facts

10 Systemic causes for healthcare errors . Poor communication, unclear lines of authority of physicians, nurses, and other care providers . Complicati...
• Wrong site surgery• Medication errors• Infections acquired in hospitals (1 in 20 patients)• Diagnostic errors• Readmission...
As per WHO 1 in 10 patient receive harm during the treatment process 1.4 million people worldwide suffer from infections acquired in hospitals. There ...


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The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI)

The Association had its beginning in the Association of Nursing Superintendents which was founded in 1905, at Lucknow. The organisation was composed of nine European Nurses holding administrative posts in hospitals.

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ICHA Patient Safety Initiative

ICHA: Safe Healthcare for all

We all desire a safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient – centred healthcare. However, healthcare today evokes highly emotional responses from all stakeholders. Everybody feels the crying need for improvement. Healthcare has become complex, costly and risky. The drastic improvement in healthcare is what everybody needs and wants and yet few are willing to do something about it. However, these issues can be addressed, but not on an individual or piecemeal basis.

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Global Summit and Expo on Dubai Healthcare

Global Summit and Expo on Dubai Healthcare

What is Accreditation?–ICHA Model

Accreditation as the name suggests is credibility and trust – An age old mechanism of seeking trustworthy establishment or providers to put oneself in their care. We all do it albeit to the best of our limited ability.
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ICHA Faternity

Major associations / Institutions of all stakeholders are the constituents.
A large no. of Individuals and organizations (Affiliates) make ICHA capable of being one-stop shop for healthcare excellence
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Hong Kong Convention : 28-30 September 2015. More Details

National Constituents of ICHA