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THE GOAL – What we all desire

“When we are ill, we want to know that we have a doctor whose technical knowledge and skills we can be sure of, on whose honesty we can rely and who will treat us empathetically with the respect and courtesy to which we are entitled. We need to be sure that the hospital or primary care team to which our doctor belongs works effectively and safely, so we can be assured that we are getting good quality care. And we need good access to care.”

Sir Donald Irvine – President GMC 2003


If you want to attain this state read on…

Realities :-

  1. Astronomical figures of magnitude and costs of unsafe care (Read More..)
  2. Anger and frustration levels of all at the highest, globally (Read More..)
  3. All pervading mistrust (
  4. Cannot happen by a ‘magic wand’, laws (they already exist), orders, adversarial relations – name calling, blaming (Read More..)

To achieve this goal a lot needs to be done. A herculean task of gargantuan proportions. A “Mahayagna”( a huge combined effort) with “Ahuti”(contribution) by all is needed to generate the “Prasadam” (cf. Samudra manthan to generate the “Amrit”) which everybody needs and wants.


  1. Awareness creation (Click Here)
  2. Getting together (Click Here)
  3. A mechanism and a platform (Click Here)
  4. Evolve the right things to do (Consensus based guidelines)

For this we need you, ICHA is all of us, we need your ‘Ahuti’ – the contribution of Tan (Muscle), Man (Mind), Dhan(Money) – contribute what you have  (Click here to enroll and participate).  


A platform on which all concerned (stakeholders) are brought together and work collaboratively shoulder to shoulder to achieve the desired goal of TRUSTWORTHY & SAFE HEALTHCARE.

ICHA is the mechanism created in 2002 and established as a not for profit organization (under section 25 (now 8) of the companies act in 2004. ICHA is the globally recognized most optimal and credible platform. What took 50 years or more in west was achieved in 3 years in India of bringing the diverse stakeholders together.

The National Associations of various stakeholders have come together to form ICHA (see role and steps of activities for them Read More..)  See banner Below for the  current association list and growing…..) (Read More.. about ICHA , its activities, structure, goals, logo.)

A dedicated army of volunteers comprising Individual Affiliates (Enrollment Form) , Organizational Affiliates (Enrollment Form)  are the doers.  Friends of ICHA (Click Here) contribute money (treated as donation   with Income Tax exemption u/s 80 G). To see the list of ICHA fraternity (Click Here)

JOIN the forces- enrol, participate and contribute.(Click Here)

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